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-Topics in This Week’s Episode (47:41)

  • Today my guest is Rick Theiner. Rick is the President of Logic, Inc, makers of the Eco-logic line of cleaning and sanitation products including One-step, Straight-A and San-Step.
  • Rick explains the difference between cleaning and sanitation and why they are separate steps using different chemicals. He also explains the more stringent disinfecting and sterilizing terms.
  • We discuss the cleaning process which removes dirt and biofilms and how the material/surface being cleaned makes a big difference.
  • Rick tells us why the soil/biofilm types also matter and it often takes a different combination of chemicals and action to remove them all.
  • We discuss the four basic elements of cleaning: Time, temperature, mechanical action and chemical action.
  • Rick also explains the many different phsio-chemical reactions going on when we clean a surface.
  • We talk about sanitizing agents and why they are different from cleaning agents.
  • Rick provides his basic rules for cleaning for home brewers.
  • Rick tells us why household cleaners may not be a great substitute for cleaners and sanitizers designed for home brewing.
  • He walks us through the products his company offers including Straight-A, One-Step and San-Step NS and how each are best used.