Our commercial customers have no choice but to use an EPA registered sanitizer because of health codes and regulations intended to ensure that food products are safe for public consumption. As a company with our roots in making things easier and safer for homebrewers, LOGIC, Inc. has put off establishing our own base of EPA registered products because of the expense and, honestly, because there weren’t any options that really provided all the benefits that we wanted. The available products either foam too much, are too hazardous/corrosive, stain everything that they touch, or cannot tolerate poor water conditions. And then there were the environmental and/or toxicity concerns!

In recent years, a number of breakthroughs have been made that circumvent a number of these problems. Our first offering, San Step NS, has solved a number of problems with existing EPA registered sanitizers and we invite you to try it out. Furthermore, we are happy to say that more are on the way. (Bear with us, though… as these are materials that must be approved through the EPA, well, things tend to move at the speed of government.)

If you have specific concerns about your sanitizer(s) or your system hygiene, give us a call. Maybe it will be your concerns and issues that prioritize the next sanitizing product that we release.