Any type of fermentation process can be understood as a controlled infection. The key is that we want only our infection to be active! To do this, we remove the unwanted sources of infection such as bacteria, wild yeast, and other fungus, and then introduce our own infectious material (by which we generally mean yeast). “Sanitize” is the term associated with using a biocide to destroy those unwanted organisms.

In the United States, any substance that claims to sanitize must be registered with the EPA in accordance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Most folks realize that there are materials that do not carry the term “sanitizer” on the label, but are effective sanitizers all the same (chlorine bleach, anyone?). Why is this? It is simply because EPA registrations are unreasonably expensive and the cost of that registration must be passed on to the purchaser of the product.

Nonetheless, commercial users have no choice but to use an EPA registered sanitizer because of health codes and regulations intended to ensure that food products are safe for public consumption. As LOGIC, Inc. has increased our activity in the commercial market, it has become clear that to truly serve our customers we must also provide EPA registered sanitizers. Our first offering, San Step NS, has solved a number of problems with existing EPA registered sanitizers provided to the beverage industry and more are on the way.

The benefit to you, the home user, is that we intend to make all of these products available to you as well. Why not? We maintain our commitment to provide safe products for both home and commercial use and that means that you get to benefit from our core portfolio, too.

But don’t forget, cleaning is 99.9% of sanitizing. You cannot sanitize a dirty surface, nor is simply cleaning enough (which is why One Step is really a two-step product in the long run). EPA registered products are intended for one thing only, and that is to sanitize. If you prefer the assurance of the EPA registered San Step, then be sure to pair it with one of our great alkaline cleansers such as Straight-A.