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Logic Inc.

Founded by a homebrewer and chemist looking for an efficient, safe and ecologically sound alternative to mass market cleansers, LOGIC Inc. offers One Step to remove light grime and Straight-A to remove heavier soils on brewing and winemaking bottles and equipment.
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.Logic Inc. is attending an event at Steam Bell Beer Works.3 months ago
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Steam Bell Beer Works
I cannot believe this is our first trip to Steam Bell!! It’s 2.5 miles away from the new office location and is run by a member of my local brew club.
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.Logic Inc. shared a Page.3 months ago
Looking around to see who is planning on opening up soon (just feeling a little thirsty) and found the perfect place for a Sunday morning!!

(Guessing Brent will be at church rather than serving beer, though)
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.Logic Inc. is at The Starboard Restaurant.4 months ago
The Starboard Restaurant
Team Booze Clues... we’ve cycled 79 miles today and expect to do it again tomorrow. We do it to support the MS Society, and hope you support similar causes that are important to you.
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.Logic Inc. is at Dewey Beach Brew Company.4 months ago
Dewey Beach Brew Company
Next stop for Team Booze Clues— Dewey Beach Brew Company.

Did we mention that the team raised over $6000 for MS this year?
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.Logic Inc. is at The Brimming Horn Meadery.4 months ago
The Brimming Horn Meadery
It is time again... Team Booze Clues is heading to Rehobeth Beach to raise money for the MS Society.

Founder Rick co-captains this team with Michael Manning, founder/owner/mead-maker for Colony Meadery.

Booze Clues will be bicycling 150 miles over 2 days this weekend, but the first traditional part of the weekend is a stop at Brimming Horn Meadery to say hello to owner (and sponsor) Jon.
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.4 months ago

The Glenlivet, the original Speyside single malt, has partnered with sustainable packaging company Nootka and cocktail legend Alex Kratena to unveil a ‘Capsule Collection’ of glassless cocktails that break convention and redefine the way whisky is traditionally enjoyed.

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