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Founded by a homebrewer and chemist looking for an efficient, safe and ecologically sound alternative to mass market cleansers, LOGIC Inc. offers One Step to remove light grime and Straight-A to remove heavier soils on brewing and winemaking bottles and equipment.
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Logic Inc.3 months ago
The Silver Lining of All This -

In honor of all of those people staying at home and making wine, brewing beer, and so forth, we are offering a "pandemic discount." Check it out!
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Logic Inc.5 months ago
Hand Sanitizer that we've worked with some smaller law enforcement agencies to put together (based on CDC, WHO, and EPA recommendations, as well as our own research):

Combine 7 fluid ounces of pure grain alcohol (Everclear from your local liquor store) with 1 ounce glycerine (drug store)

Put a few drops on your hand and rub into the skin for a minute. No guarantees, but it will get you through the shortage of Purell.

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Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.5 months ago
Do any of our products kill COVID-19/Corona virus?

We've gotten a lot of questions over the past few days, and the answer is simple: I don't know. I cannot suggest that someone use any of our products as a virucide when we don't have any data to support that use, particularly in a case as serious as this. But, as I've researched the issue, I have two suggestions that you might have easier access to than the disinfectants currently flying off the shelves.

1) 1oz (2 Tbsp) of chlorine bleach 1 gallon of water will make a solution that will destroy the virus on a hard surface within 5 minutes. This is very strong bleach solution, though, so make sure it doesn't damage the surface first.

2) 80% ethanol (or pure grain alcohol) in water will destroy the virus in 10 minutes, but it also evaporates, so unless you're using it to soak things, it won't be much help.

3) If you have an iodophor sanitizer hanging around, use that at 4 times the strength (50 ppm iodine)-- but measure it!! The iodophor is a complicated sanitizer and too concentrated can be just as bad as too low.

Hope this is helpful, and good luck everyone.

Founder Rick

#COVID #COVID-19 #Corona #virus #OneStep #ecologiccleansers
Logic Inc.
Logic Inc.Logic Inc. is attending an event at Steam Bell Beer Works.9 months ago
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Steam Bell Beer Works
I cannot believe this is our first trip to Steam Bell!! It’s 2.5 miles away from the new office location and is run by a member of my local brew club.
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Logic Inc.9 months ago
Looking around to see who is planning on opening up soon (just feeling a little thirsty) and found the perfect place for a Sunday morning!!

(Guessing Brent will be at church rather than serving beer, though)
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Logic Inc.Logic Inc. is at The Starboard Restaurant.10 months ago
The Starboard Restaurant
Team Booze Clues... we’ve cycled 79 miles today and expect to do it again tomorrow. We do it to support the MS Society, and hope you support similar causes that are important to you.