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Extremely low foaming acid based sanitizer. Works on the same principles of foamy acid sanitizers without the problems with rinsing and hard water tolerance; can even be used in CIP systems in place of peracetic acid!

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San Step is a broad spectrum sanitizer that utilizes a combination of organic acids and mineral acid to provide a sanitizing final rinse for brewing and winemaking equipment. San Step is a very low foam material when used as directed, so it is suitable in “Clean in Place” or similar systems that vigorously agitate the recirculating solution. The acid blend is an effective descaling agent that removes mineral deposits that will lead to beerstone, but the organic acids resist the impact of hardness ions towork even in very poor quality water. Unlike other acid sanitizers, the biocide will not complex with water hardness and become inactive, which is often shown by the sanitizing solution becoming cloudy. In the case of San Step, the solution may be cloudy when a high concentration of sanitizer is used, but it will remain active even though it is cloudy. In fact, if your San Step solution is cloudy, that is often signal that you are adding more sanitizer than you need. The components in San Step will readily biodegrade or revert to naturally occurring minerals over a short period of time and the product itself is nontoxic, although the product concentrate (as in the case of all concentrated acids) is corrosive. When diluted with water, as directed for proper use, San Step is safe to handle with the same precautions taken with any acid based product.


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