As a professional brewer I use caustic and acid on the job to clean my equipment. Honestly, they work well and they’re cheap. But when I’m at home, and I do still brew at home, I don’t like to work with those types of hazardous materials. As a result, I prefer to use Straight-A and One Step in my own brewing operation. The products are easy to use and extremely effective. The fact that they are also environmentally friendly doesn’t hurt a bit.

Josh BusheyBethlehem, PA

I have been brewing beer for about 10 years and I really enjoy the brewing process, but all the prep work that needed to be done was daunting at times. The awful aroma of bleach and the washing and rinsing meant that sometimes I’d put off brewing just because of all the hassle. I discussed this with a friend who suggested One Step. He said it really eliminated a lot of the drudge work, and everything was perfect in just “One Step.” I was really skeptical but decided to give it a try. There was nothing to lose and a lot to gain if the product did what it said it would do.

I must say I am completely delighted with One Step. It performs up to all my expectations. I now brew a lot more beer and instead of my home smelling like bleach, it smells like beer! I have since used One Step in winemaking with outstanding results. I am so confident in One Step that I even use it to clean my birdfeeders instead of bleaching them. I have recommended this product to other home brewers and although they are skeptical, as I was, they always tell me how happy they are with the results.

One Step is a wonderful product that cleans and sterilizes all in ONE STEP! I cannot say enough about One Step. It makes brewing a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Tara DoyleBethlehem, PA